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  • Energy certification of buildings

    Energy certification of buildings is important, so you can freely sell your property...
  • Energetics

    InvestmentinCroatia, as a supporter of healthy living, environmental protection and healthy living develope energy...
  • Tourism

    Tourism is the main branch of the Croatian business. Investmentincroatia group specializes in the design, construction...
  • Gastronomy

    Investmentincroatia Gastro Group as one of the most recognizable brands in the overall tourist service, provides all food...
  • Medical | Health tourism

    Croatia is developeing health tourism, as an important branch of tourism in general...
  • Marketing

    You are interested in investing in Croatia and you need a company who monitors, develops, manufactures, advertise your project...
  • Energy renovation of building

    Energy renovation of building helps protect enviroment...
  • Golf

    In the Republic of Croatia golf is developeing as a branch of tourism...
We are the first onestopshop in Croatia!

In 2012, 12 companies gathered in the group Investment In Croatia, IIC Group, companies and professionals from all sectors of business: real estate purchases, construction of all types of facilities, based on the "key in hand" system, golf, tourism, gastronomy, renewable energy experts, EU grants consultants and finally, experts in the marketing field, according to the princip "One Stop Shop".

IIC Group firstst in Croatia, provide absolutely full service to all client demands. Th In any industry that the investor want to invest capital, gets a complete service: preparation of documentation, design and project work, marketing and advertising, and superior project management.

We know all answers to your challenging questions.

Contact us with confidence!

Your Investment in Croatia Team


Christmas and New Year greetings

Dear clients, 

As this year 2020 was one of the most interesting but also the most turbulent for our civilization in general, we really want from the bottom of our hearts the whole world to be full of health, optimism, prosperity, joy, happiness and love. 

See you again 07.01.2020. with a lot of new and beautiful things we have prepared for you. 

Your Investment In Croatia Group, IIC Group

Investing in real estate during a pandemic caused by the Cov

During the pavid pandemic caused by the covid 19 virus, the Istrian region proved to be one of the safest areas in throughout the European Union, 
acting at the right time of all private and public sector institutions and civil protection headquarters. Sales of real estate, especially luxury real estate, 
recorded almost no decline or a negligible percentage. Investments in Istria have proven to be one of the safest in the European real estate sector in general. 
Investment In Croatia Group, as a leader in the sale of all types of real estate, has also achieved excellent results in real estate business. 
In the last 5 years, Istria has recorded a large number of immigrants from all over the world. 
Investing in luxury real estate in tourism, new resorts, hotels, villas, as well as in other sectors of the economy. 
We invite you to send us all questions regarding the purchase of your desired property to our e-mail or phone, and we can schedule an online meeting 
to answer all your questions as accurately as possible. 

Your Investment In Croatia team 

Covid 19 - Business News

Covid 19 - Business News

Dear customers,

Due to the new situation with the Covid-19 virus, we offer our customers real estate viewing services via live cameras, 3D cameras, online meetings, legal services, as well as financial transactions when buying real estate.

For more information, contact our phones or email addresses.

Your Investment In Croatia Group 

Why invest in Istria in the age of COVID 19 - Corona virus?

In these we can freely say strange and difficult, but also times of awakening of global collective consciousness, renewed great economic crisis and depression, in Istria still comes a large number of investors who want to buy an apartment, house, villa, but also invest in new business in various sectors of the economy. The gentle landscape of Istria, rich gastronomic offer and even guaranteed peace attract business people from all over Europe, but also from other continents. 

That is why we decided to write a Blog about the benefits of Istria, which provide refuge in these turbulent times. 

Siniša Farkaš 
Investment In Croatia Group


We are extremely honored and pleased to have established cooperation with the world-famous brand of bioenergetics Mr. Zdenko Domančić, who for 37 years has been extremely successful in healing all types of diseases for which and sometimes classical medicine has no answers.



As our IIC group makes every effort and develops with partners the healthiest way of life in general, healthy natural nutrition, in the sector of building the implementation of the most natural materials, in the energy sector with natural energy sources, especially at this time of great changes on planet Earth, natural healing by method charisma mr. For us, Zdenko Domančić is the crown of many years of effort and work.


We thank Mr. Zdenko Domančić, his wife, Mrs. Tanja Domančić, Mrs. Maja from the team, son Stipe and all the other good people from the team for their trust.


More about the work of Mr. Domančić, as well as all the dates of the seminar and therapies, see the link