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New google business site

InvestmentInCroatia Group, the IIC group, has a new Google business page starting today, where we will publish all the work and news, to bring trends in the real estate business closer to clients.

First villa in Croatia sold via VR technology

The IIC group member, Luxury Real Estate Farkas Croatia, is the first luxury real estate agency in Croatia, who sold a villa with a swimming pool in Istria, via VR technology to customers in the US. Soon on the renovated site, all luxury real estate will be able to view via virtual reality video, the real estate environment and the exterior of the property, as well as its interior.

Croatian - Chinese partnership

It is a great honor for our IIC Group Croatia, to become a member of the Croatian-Chinese Association for Scientific, Cultural and Business Associations.
On this occasion, we would like to thank President Mr. Branko Balon, who recognized our long-standing work and recognized us as a partner for cooperation.

From design to real estate

When you think about the construction of the property your first vision of your new home is when it is already finished and furnished. But up to that point there are still many steps that need to be realized by schedule and program.

The first phase is design, it is actually the basis and one of the extremely important things when yopu build a house or property that you envision.


On your property designed by a team of architects and people who are specialists in their field, these are activities in which they express their knowledge skills and competencies in order to meet your wishes, needs and ideas.


In addition to the design, it is necessary to make a number of other activities, which need to be harmonized, as the land analisy, gathering basic information about the desired property, to the design which must be in harmony with the environment, functionality, aesthetics, etc.


When our team understand all your desires and ideas, and you agree, the project to build your new property can begin.


In addition that our team keep an eye on design and construction of your property, at the same time they keep an eye on the environment and plans to environmentally efficient construction. Today it is impossible to own a property without energy certificate, but we are here for you so you would not have to worry about it.


Whether you need information or just want to start with the construction of condos, houses, villas, buildings, business offices or similar, please contact us without any obligation.


We are here for you!

 Investment In Croatia Team

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017

Dear customers and dear friends,
Merry Christmas and a happy, cheerful, full of love, health, peace and prosperity in 2017 year, from IIC Team!
See you in 2017 Osmehuje se